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What do you need to produce your own energy with solar panels?

To install a photovoltaic system you need solar panels and a inverters.

The inverter has two functions:

  • It transforms the DC coming from the panels into AC so it can be used by your electronic devices in your house.

  • It monitors if your house is connected to the power grid. If there is no power in the house, it stops the injection of the current. This is a safety function that is installed in all inverters and micro-inverters. It is to protect any person who cut the power to carry out repairing on the network.

The panels proposed by the various manufacturers have almost all the same characteristics. Currently the panels have a capacity of 270W. The 300W panels just have more cells but the technology is the same as in the 270W panels.

Technical specifications of our solar panels

  • Dimensions: 1.64m x 99.2 cm wide

  • Weight: 19kg

  • Max power 70w

micro inverter 250w

Our starter kits

solar kit 500W-800euros
solar kit 1kw-1200euros
kit 2kw-2200euros

Are you looking for custom-made solutions ?

pylontech-50-duo 1377 euros

We recommend the Lithium ion battery Pylontech of the manufacturer of the same name. It is sold in Europe by the Belgium company Wattuneed. The battery has a storage capacity of 2.4 kw and offers a guarantee of 6000 cycles at 90%. The advantage of this battery is that it has been designed to greatly simplify connection and configuration. To increase storage power, simply connect several Pylontech batteries together.

Wattuneed also sells the WKS hybrid inverter, which fits perfectly with the Pylontech battery. It manages the charge and discharge of the batteries and allows to have a photovoltaic installation which can be on-grid or off-grid (connected or not to the power grid).

2kw Pylontec battery
Hybrid inverter 3kw
4 panels tracker 1kw 2500 euros

We recommend the solar trackers from the Slovenian company Sat-control. The company specializes in designing trackers for solar farms. It is undoubtedly one of the leaders in Europe. The company sells a tracker that can hold 4 panels at prices of 732 euros. The assembly manual comes in the form of a photo novel that shows each step of the assembly process step by step. The mast is made of galvanised steel and the support for the aluminium panels. The control system is easy to configure. This 4 panel tracker is the best tracker you can find in Europe, both in terms of price and quality.

Solar-Immersion 259 euros

The diverter is the answer to the problem of over production. The device measures your power output and your power consumption. During the day when there is an over production it sends the current from the panels into the electric balloon. We recommend the model proposed by the British company Solarimmersion for its ease of installation and it’s competitive price at 200 euros.

mounting support 4 panels

All solar panel supports are based on an aluminium rail system with clamps to fix the panels on. The price of the supports is around 3 to 4 euros per Watt. Example 1000w (4 panels) = 300 euros of mounting system.

Mounting system for the roof
4 panels mounting system
solar junction box 3kw 165 euros

From 1kw (4 panels) it is strongly recommended to install a junction box to protect your installation from lightning. The box consists of a differential circuit breaker, a lightning arrester and a production counter. If you do not have the necessary technical skills to connect the box yourself, we recommend the safety box available on the website kitsolaire-autoconsommation.fr Their price is the most competitive on the market.

Solar junction box 3Kw

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